Children's Theater Company

The Children’s Theater Company utilizes the power of theater as a tool for moral reasoning. Based in New York, the Children's Theater Company is rooted in the belief that through the magic of theater, children, youth and professional artists become the voices of positive change and agents of healing in their communities.  

Recognized by the National Endowment for the Arts for "Excellence in Musical Theater," the Children's Theater Company is a leader in educational theater programming that engages students, performers and audiences through interactive values-based workshops and empathy building role-play. CTC provides a new model of civic engagement where children, parents, artists, and benefactors are equal partners in a common vision to celebrate the triumph of the human spirit through the magic of theater. 

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The Children's Theater Co. Gift of Compassion enables a child from a low-income community in New York City to participate in a theater production and see the world through the diverse lens of the performing arts.

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